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Pietro Malaguti, master modeler since 1970
Here pictured with 1/6 scale Junkers Ju87B "Stuka" displayed at Museo della Seconda Guerra Mondiale - Felonica, Italy. The model has been ordered in Italian colours representing the "Picchiatello" dive-bomber used by Regia Aeronautica (Italian Royal Air Force) in 1942.

Total Project Management

During the last 45 years spent on building scale-models for himself and customers, Pietro Malaguti has reached a total control over the flawless building, painting, finishing techniques in any type of models, including plastic model kits, wooden kits, fiberglass, metal, and multimedia kits. His experience led him to get in touch with important customers who needed to display a model either in private collections or in public. He often works for museums, corporates, and public administration. His range of offer of high-quality models includes:

  • Aircrafts & Helicopters
  • Spacecrafts
  • Automotive
  • Historical items
  • Railway
  • Ships and boats
  • Architectural
  • Dioramas & Layouts

Usually we work on a model at a time, unless more items of the same model are requested by the customer. In this case we work step-by-step replicating the same techniques on each model to obtain a final result where all models of the same type are almost identical. This is especially useful for corporate customers when they ask for several identical scale models to be displayed at different locations at the same time. Sometimes it has been requested to make models for exhibitions anf fairs. More often the requests come from haulage companies who need 1/24 complete models of their trucks & trailers with company logos and markings. In this case we previously take pictures and videos of the trucks to perfectly replicate them in our scale models.
We always coomplete our models with stands and display cases made of metal, plastic, wood and glass or plexiglass/Lexan™ panels.

All models come with a strong and reliable packaging and sent to customer using couriers insured parcels. In case of museum models it is advised we can organize a personal delivery on site, especially when they are large size models that need a final assembly at museum site. We are currently making a model of a Saturn V/Apollo rocket in 1/48 scale (meaning a 229 cm. / 7.5 feet tall model) starting from an old Revell plastic kit of the Command and Lunar modules and adding them a totally scratchbuilt rocket below! It needs a final assembly on site to be properly set up and displayed. The model is mostly made of plastic PVC tubes and polystyrene, wooden, etched brass and metal details.

To the make of a model go a long time to ensure a perfect assembly, so if you need to have one be aware that we must discuss delivery times largely in advance. Every model is made as one-of-a-kind and we don't make large series models. So time and cost is depending on the complexity of the model itself. Take also note that we don't paint figurines (soldiers) being this a highly specialized job more similar to painting a picture than making a model.
We can also realize architectural model starting from plans. We have realized layouts and dioramas but don't ask us for railway working dynamic layouts please, since it involves special skills we don't have. We only realize custom-made models starting from kits since the choice is terrific without having to start from scratch.

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